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Support the arts here in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

🗨️ “A summer theatre tradition for more than 75 years, providing education and training in acting and production, and entertaining audiences of locals and visitors in the historic Parkway Playhouse theatre. I've had a fun evening every time I've gone.” - Todd Gatts

🗨️ “My favorite part of being involved with the Parkway Playhouse is that we are a teaching institution, which allows me to work in my two favorite realms: theater and education.” - Erika Tyner

🗨️ “Working with Parkway Playhouse is a fun experience that creates so many long-lasting friendships. I love that Parkway Playhouse is a place where all types of people gather to celebrate the essential art that is theatre in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the incredible talent the program holds and all of the people involved in it.” - Ansley Caterson

⭐ Our mission is to strengthen our local community by using the performing arts to uplift and unite our neighbors and inspire new ways of looking at the world. As a teaching theater, we educate young and potential theater professionals and provide a gathering space for our community as a whole. We aim to inspire, educate and entertain in all that we do. Can you help us with our mission by donating today?